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mouselock test #27 completed!

Compiling the code after having it done the first time wasn’t as bad– it only took about 20 minutes to compile as opposed to 3 hours when you try to compile it on a fresh reboot.

Humph mentioned that mouselock test #27 was not possible to do in the mochitest framework which kinda boggled my mind because I had no clue how else to attempt in starting it.

So, finally after spending sleepless nights in the past week figuring this out, I was able to complete the mouselock Test #27 (the way I understood it of course). The test passed but I am still not quite sure if I am doing it the right

I was able moving the mouse cursor outside the browser boundaries using synthesizeMouse method and explicitly lost focus of the browser by using window.blur() and refocussing the browser by using window.focus(). I implemented an onBlur
event as well to keep track of the mouse movement X & Y. After setting the focus back to the user agent (firefox), movementXY were both set to 0 successfully.

I committed my changes to the mouselock-tests branch under my mozilla-central repo. I then requested a pull from rhung to the commit I made which pertained to my test.

I guess I will have to wait for some feedback to see if the way I had done the test was good enough to satisfy the given scenario.


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